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Brain Boy Creations

"Imagination Unchained"

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Painting Tips & Tricks


  1. Scroll down to the picture that matches your canvas sketch to view a completed example. Use this image as a reference when creating your masterpiece.

  2. Paint your large areas first and paint your small details last.

  3. Always clean your brush to change colors by dipping your brush in your water cups, and then slightly drying your brush with a paper towel. Always clean your brush in your water cup before changing to another color. This will avoid mixing your colors unintentionally.

  4. Mix white with any color to make it lighter. Mix a little black to make any color darker

  5. When you make a mistake go paint another section of your painting until the paint on the mistake dries. Then go back and paint on top of your mistake. Do not try to paint over mistakes when the paint is still wet.

  6. Unlock your creativity and add additional elements to the background of your masterpiece!

  7. Have fun and make sure to add your artist's signature to your masterpiece!!

  8. Take a picture of your masterpiece and tag us on Instagram @brainboycreations

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